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NCA Nejapa




The secondary level is composed of seventh to eleventh grade. The instruction is intended to provide students with a broad education and prepare them for attendance at a college or university in Central America. We seek to provide our students with the ability to discern truth in the light of God's Word. As they attend classes, students are involved in active learning and decision-making and provided with opportunities to further develop their gifts in a particular area. Self-management skills and personal responsibility are essential in these years. Evaluation of learning takes place through class participation, through in-class and at-home assignments, and through formal and informal assessments. Parents and students can access grades daily through our secure web access and through printed mid-quarter progress reports and quarterly report cards.

Schedule and Details

There are two sections of each grade from seventh through ninth grade, with only one section in tenth and eleventh, and classes are limited to 25 students maximum. The school day is from 7:25 a.m. to 2:20 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, and is divided into seven 50-minute class periods, a 10-minute homeroom devotional, a 15-minute morning break, and a 30-minute lunch period. Students are assigned to their homeroom where teachers rotate with their schedule.


NCA Nejapa has developed a comprehensive curriculum at all levels of the school, based on the MINED program framework combined with tbiblical worldview integration. We use a combination of textbooks from different publishers which include Pearson Education, Santillana, Susaeta, Mcgraw Hill among others. For our English program, we use Focus on Grammar from Pearson, Open Mind from Macmillan and an academic English course developed for the upper advanced class. Additional reading of novels and other literature supplements the curriculum in language arts and Bible classes.

Students also enjoy two hours of vocational classes a week where they can explore different technical skills. They also receive an hour of core class projects with technology integration, twice a week P.E. classes and daily English classes based on level.